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About Us


A happy preschool experience is the best possible preparation for the school years to come.


Helping a child learn self respect is one of our goals. We feel this is an essential part of becoming a happy, confident individual. Our program stresses social skills for preschoolers that helps prepare them for formal education.

It is our intent to meet the needs of children at their level of understanding and to develop the whole person: Body, Mind & Soul.

A variety of methods will be used in our program including:

  • Physical activity

  • Mental stimulation

  • Social concepts & character development

  • Trustful relationships

  • Application of spiritual truths

We want each child to be able to face the future with confidence and anticipation.

Mission Statement

Our product is Parental Peace of Mind.

We offer high quality Christian childcare which is both safe and consistent. We support parents and collaborate with them to build life skills, responsibility, and respect for self and others in their children.

Our Teachers

Our teachers have been selected on the basis of their abilities to work with children and to communicate with parents and other staff members. They are certified Pre-Kindergarten teachers or have a degree in Early Childhood or in Elementary Education. Take time to get to know us. 

Our Curriculum

Lesson Presentation includes developmentally appropriate experiences in: Social Emotional Issues - Bible Time - Language Arts – Science - Social Studies - Math

We believe that a child is only a child once. We believe if a child can learn to take part in a group situation he or she will be “ready to learn” when they get into Kindergarten. We work with “pre” reading and math skills. 

Each daily lesson incorporates activities helping children develop Bible knowledge through Bible stories, skills in language, science, social studies and math and to mature in their social emotional issues.

Our classrooms are arranged in centers or interest centers which may include:

  • Art

  • Outdoor Play

  • Fun Foods

  • Blocks

  • Reading and Writing

  • Dramatic Play

  • Special Events and Field Trips

  • Music and Movement

  • Books

Public Four Year Old Preschool

We are proud to be one of the charter sites for Onalaska's public 4 year old preschool. The Onalaska Preschool Alliance has chosen Creative Curriculum as the curriculum of choice so all of the 4K sites will be similar – offering the same type of experience for the children of Onalaska.

We have found this to be a wonderful addition to our program and enjoy a positive relationship with the school district. The 4K teachers throughout the district meet monthly to ensure that all children receive the same type experience. Our 4K class meets from 8:00-11:30 Monday thru Thursday.



Because we are concerned about the full development of your child – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – devotions are a part of everyday curriculum. All of our preschool classes incorporate themed devotions daily. Devotions are one of the key components in our curriculum “Creative Curriculum”. Prayers are said or sung before meals and snacks.

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